Shandong Huayu University of Technology, a full-time ordinary undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education, is funded by Yatai Group Limited Company in Dezhou city, Shangdong province. Mr. Yang Dongtang, chairman of the board of directors, is determined to establish an application-oriented private university with distinctive characteristics recognized by the society and assured by the government. Our university was founded in 2002 as Dezhou Huayu school. In 2004, it was transformed into Shandong Huayu Vocational and Technical College and was upgraded to a full-time ordinary undergraduate university in 2014. Since then, it has cultivated more than 30,000 high-quality graduates and has made positive contributions to the local economic and social development.


    Perfect infrastructure and excellent conditions

    Our university covers an area of more than 1200 hectares, with a construction area of 470,000 square meters. It has complete educational and teaching facilities, such as a teaching center, a science experiment center, an international cultural center, a university student activity center, a library, an indoor comprehensive training hall, etc. The total value of the school’s teaching and scientific research equipment is nearly 100 million yuan. It embraces advanced and complete practical teaching conditions, with 176 experimental training sites and 6 major training centers including machinery manufacturing training centers, mold design and manufacturing training centers, central air conditioning equipment testing centers, and construction skills training centers. 

    The development strategy of our university is based on talents and quality. It possess the development advisory committee and academic committee. Our university has a strong faculty, with two provincial teaching teams, one national model teacher, one national excellent teacher, two provincial famous teachers and two provincial excellent teachers. It has formed a teaching team with sufficient quantity, reasonable structure, high teaching level and strong scientific research ability.

    Coordinated development of multiple disciplines and continuous improvement of talent cultivation quality

    We head in the direction of establishing a local, application, and open university to meet the needs of economic and social development in Dezhou. There are 30 undergraduate majors and 35 specialized majors, forming a discipline pattern with Engineering as the main body, Management and Art as two wings, Energy and Intelligent Manufacturing as characteristic majors, and Engineering, Management, Art, Literature and other majors developed coordinately. We adhere to the philosophy of “student-oriented, all-round development, and learning for practice” and strive to cultivate application talents with “rich knowledge reserve, solid technical expertise, strong sense of innovation and practical ability” and highlight the cultivation of student’s professional quality and practical skills, thus, contributing to a continuous improvement of talent cultivation quality. In terms of various skill competitions at all levels, our students have won 189 national awards and 509 provincial awards, as well as 37 projects of the National College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program. The quality of students' employment continues to improve, and the school was awarded the honorary title of “Advanced Collective in University Graduates Employment Work in Shandong Province for its overall employment rate of all graduates of over 97% and the professional matching rate of over 85%.

    The university attaches importance to the development of connotation and  characteristics, and the educational attainment is continuously improved

    The university adheres to the path of connotation construction and characteristic development, and the level of school running is continuously improved. In December 2008, the university passed the evaluation of the “New Evaluation Plan for Talent Training in Higher Vocational Colleges of the Ministry of Education” with high quality, and was highly praised by experts. In June 2018, the Academic Degree Committee of the People’s Government of Shandong Province approved our university as a bachelor’s degree-granting institution. The university currently has 5 advantageous characteristic majors in private undergraduate universities in Shandong Province, 3 characteristic major construction sites in Shandong Higher Vocational colleges, 1 provincial-level brand major group, 2 provincial-level teaching teams, 1 provincial-level university scientific research innovation platform, 4 municipal key laboratories and 2 municipal social science research bases. In recent years, more than 900 academic papers of various types have been published, of which 5 papers are included in SCI, 5 in EI, 26 in CPCI, and 25 papers are core journal criterion of Peking University. We have obtained more than 160 patents. Our university presided 1 sub-project of the key project of National Educational Science Planning of the Ministry of Education, 26 Shandong Higher Education Reform Projects, 23 Shandong University Scientific Research Projects, 2 Shandong Key R&D Projects which belong to Soft Science, 22 Shandong Educational Science Planning Projects , 16 educational reform and teaching research projects of the Higher Education Commission of the Ministry of Education. In addition, our university has won 5 Shandong Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards, including 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, and 2 third prizes. We has won 1 second prize for Shandong Provincial Educational Science Outstanding Achievements, 1 third prize, and 3 third prizes for outstanding scientific research achievements of vocational education in Shandong Province. In 2016, the university won the “High Quality and Characteristic Development Award of Shandong Province Private Colleges and Universities”. The university’s ideological and political course teaching reform has achieved fruitful results, which were reported on CCTV 1 “News Network” column on December 8, 2017. In 2019, our university was honored as “Shandong Province Typical Experience University of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” by Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security.

    Law-based university management with an expanding influence

    We adhere to the socialist educational orientation and the principle of public welfare in education and adhere to the connotative development path with improving the quality of talent cultivation as the core. We have made remarkable achievements in accelerating the transformation and development, deepening the reform of education and teaching, innovating the mode of talent training, and improving its ability to serve the society.

    We have won many honorary titles such as Shandong Model by Law, Advanced Private Education Collective in Shandong Province, Advanced Collective in University Graduates Employment in Shandong Province, Advanced Collective of Ideological and Political Work in Universities of Shandong Province. A number of media have reported our university’s performance for many times, including CCTV News, China Education Newspaper, Dazhong Daily, Dezhou Daily, and etc.

                                                           March  2020


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